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Who We Are + Who We’re For

Moonstruck is the passion project of Elisa Vietri founded on her longtime love of collecting unique items with a history. As a child who grew up with second hand items, a teenager  who grew to appreciate an ability to express herself quietly with said items, and an adult who continued to avidly treasure hunt, her collections have surpassed what she can contain or give away. Instead she opened a small shop in Little italy and transformed the space into what could be described as a cross between an eclectic, vintage closet and a nostalgic escape from modern minimalism to a maximalist den complete with comfy leather arm chairs and a hot cup of coffee over conversation.

Moonstruck is not just curated vintage items, it’s an all encompassing experience that transports you to the past as well as the unknown and allows you to stumble upon one of a kind treasures filled with history, seemingly just waiting for you to find them and share their story.

Moonstruck is evolving exposure to one of a kind finds that fit perfectly into your life, and connection through a desire to explore and curate unique items that transport you to a different time or place. It’s a little nostalgic nook in which to curl up and lose yourself or engage with new people who are also seeking that strange yet familiar comfort of old objects.

“Many of my clients and vendors have become friends. I care about people that walk through the door. Not because I want them to buy something but because I want to connect.”

Moonstruck is truly for all walks of life. Whether you are an avid vintage collector, a college student looking to personalize your dorm, a minimalist looking for the perfect statement piece, or a maximalist who can’t resist nostalgic, cozy vibes, you will find what you need here and wonder if it had been waiting for you all along.

It’s for people who need some time in someone else’s world, or worlds if you look closely at all the unique pieces with their own stories to tell. It’s a place they can relax and connect, or get lost in their own memories as nostalgia creeps into their veins.

It’s a great spot for those needing gifts for special people in their lives, or simply for themselves. It really is for anyone and everyone